Creating Your Dream Kitchen With Fully Integrated ASKO Appliances

Combine form and function: choose the best dishwashers from a full line of beautiful and energy-efficient appliances.  

The kitchen is my favorite room in my home, hands down. Even in a little house such as mine, the kitchen is the place where I feel most comfortable, especially after a long day of driving kids to school, working at the office and running errands.

So if you’re anything like me, you come across all of those house renovation shows on television and critique their kitchen remodeling job based on the mental picture of your dream kitchen: the look of it, the feel of it, and your favorite feature in it. The best feature in mine? Fully-integrated (FI) appliances.

The Benefits of Fully-Integrated Appliances

How many times have you seen a dishwasher in a kitchen that is not only mismatched, but protruding from its corner?  My dream kitchen has appliances that sit pretty in their appropriate spots and are actually integrated into the kitchen design, without so much as a hint that they’re a separate entity from the kitchen altogether.

This is done by incorporating the use of materials like wood and stainless steel to “blend in” with the cabinetry or design of the room, essentially hiding the appliance and creating a more cohesive look. In other words, there’s no dishwasher door hanging out from under your kitchen cabinet – just a beautiful and efficient machine that will make your job easier, no matter where it sits in the grand scheme of things.

Another bonus: fully-integrated appliances are not only aesthetically pleasing, they’re convenient and functional. Case in point: do you sometimes feel as though your appliances are taking over your kitchen because of the way the door swings open or the fact that they’re in your way? Great kitchen appliances give your kitchen the room you need and the convenience you deserve.

Kitchen Design Tips to Improve Functionality

Whether you are merely a kitchen dreamer like me, or you’re actually in the process of renovating your kitchen, here are a few great kitchen design tips to keep in mind when putting together – or dreaming of – the best kitchen:

  • Think Triangle. The perfect kitchen follows the classic kitchen triangle model, which gives you the most efficient way of getting from preparation to cooking to cleaning in little time and with little or no impediments in the process.
  • Hide Your Appliances . Whether you’re a country gal, a modern chick or a businesswoman on the go, you can have a kitchen that reflects your personality without showing off its assets. Fully-integrated appliances can be made to match your style, no matter what it is providing a seamless design flow.
  • Advanced Planning – Planning the remodel of your kitchen creates endless opportunities to showcase your new culinary investment. Incorporate the latest products and features, this task can also add challenges that advanced planning will help prevent or at least minimize. One of the challenges could result when adding new wood or tile floors to your design. This process normally installs the new flooring material over a pre-existing floor. Make sure you clarify your usable height by taking 3 separate measurements from the floor to underneath the bottom edge of the countertop surface. From these three measurements, note the lowest height available for your usable installation height. Take that with you while shopping for your new dishwasher. This will eliminate buying a product that will not fit and saves you from the headache and expense of returning it after the fact.

Get Started on your Dream Kitchen

Take your kitchen to a new level of comfort and functionality today with the ASKO XXL and ADA series dishwashers. They offer the most capacity and usage space, loading height, installation flexibility and functionality of any premium dishwasher today. Check out their products at

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