Is Bigger Always Better? The Truth About Usable Laundry Capacity

Have you ever been deceived by the “Bigger is Better” mentality when it comes to most clothes washing machines? I’m ashamed to say that I have been taken for a fool many times. After all, we are led to believe that the size is what makes the best washers and dryers clean better.

Laundering Myths Debunked

One of the most common misconceptions about how to wash clothes is that the bigger the machine, the cleaner clothes are. Yes, it is true that you can technically fit more in a bigger machine. However, “getting them clean” is an entirely different matter.

The capacity of a washing machine is a primary feature that is used to entice consumers toward a washer brand. Every brand has the BIGGEST capacity. Some advertise their capacity in I.E.C. which is a European method of rating capacity. Fortunately, the Department of Energy (D.O.E.) has determined this practice is misleading and has changed the communication requirement effective 4/30/11. All USA manufactures will be required to use the DOE rating when communicating washer tub capacity.

Energy Star’s Website

A majority of washing machines with a larger washer capacity use more water, energy, detergent and additives. Another detriment is increased chances of moisture getting trapped within the door seals, causing mold, bacteria and bad odor. In addition, detergent residue stays in the machine, making it harder to keep your clothes clean.

Then there’s the issue of the machine using more water and more energy to function, which means you have higher utility bills. There is nothing energy efficient or money-saving about that.

Here’s something else you probably didn’t think about: extra-large capacity washing machines spin at a slower rate than other machines, which means that clothes don’t extract as much moisture. Instead, they retain more moisture by the time you take them out of the washer, and the drying process is more damaging to fabrics due to increased drying temperature requirements.

In short, bigger machines may be okay for those who just like to wash their clothes without really caring about their clothes being damaged or poorly washed and rinsed, but for people like you and me, who care about our laundry, there is something better.

Family-size capacity products handle the everyday loads in grand fashion! Unless you are a college student, you probably sort that LARGE pile of soiled laundry into smaller, manageable load sizes based on fabric type and color based on the fabric use and care label. A more efficient and ecological family-size capacity washer can manage typical family-size loads with no problem with excellent fabric care benefits as well.

The ASKO Difference

ASKO prides itself in delivering one of the very best, most efficient and water-friendly washing machine in the industry. Quality construction, High-tech components and loaded with convenient features, ASKO shows you the real difference between bigger and better, with outstanding cleaning performance built to last. ASKO offers the XXL or family-size capacities with the power to save you the headaches of other large washers.

Here are some of the features that the ASKO washing machines will wow you with:

  • Cleaning and Water Extraction Performance (spin dry) – Spin dry settings extract more moisture from the fabric, creating more efficient and fabric sensitive drying times. ASKO provides up to 1800 RPM spin speeds unlike any other brand!
  • Horizontal Axis (HA) design – Top-loading machines are often difficult to access, especially if you have a larger load. Horizontal axis design clean better, rinse better, increases the life of your fabrics AND makes the washer more accessible to use. Convenien platforms are available to make the everyday use even more convenient.
  • 500-Turn Minimum Cleaning Cycle – The more turns during the wash cycle, the cleaner your laundry gets with optimum fabric care of the gentle yet effective tumbling action. No matter the size of the family-size load, the ASKO turns a minimum of 500 times. Clothes washing simplified and improved!
  • Flexible temperature settings clean naturally, without harsh additives – ASKO family-size washing machines have the flexibility of going from cold to 205 degrees, making your clothes clean without the need for harsh chemicals. Simply select the appropriate temperature for your fabric (review fabric care label) and the wash temperature removes dirt and stains without harsh additives.
  • 7 Rinses – Up to seven rinses on most ASKO family-size washers, there is no detergent residue, so your clothes and bedding are clean and free of allergens. The perfect solution for families with concerns for allergies and sensitive skin!
  • Conserves water and energy, even with 7 rinses! The quick cycle uses as little as 6.6 gallons of water for the complete program, and as little as 19.8 gallons with 7 rinses.
  • Fully-Integrated Design and ADA height compliant – ASKO’s Exclusive FI washing machines are all fully-integrated, easy to install and design around, and compliant with ADA height guidelines.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re looking for a bigger machine, you can find that anywhere. But if you’re looking for great quality, flexible design and flawless performance, look no further than the ASKO line of family-size and XXL washing machines. Visit the ASKO website today at for more information.

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