Kitchen Remodel Design Pitfalls and Why ADA Guidelines Matter

Do you know the ADA Guidelines and ADA Requirements that may affect your Kitchen Remodel Design?

Planning a kitchen remodel design can be a huge headache for you and your family.  The amount of time and money alone throws a wrench into everyone’s flow of life and adds stress.  The last thing you want is, when the bulk of your remodel is over, installing your new  ADA appliances to find that there are issues that add more time and money.  Here are a couple pitfalls to avoid when installing your new dishwasher.

Pitfalls in Kitchen Design:

Pitfall #1: The dishwasher doesn’t fit

Because of the new floor, and the fact that there is not enough height space for the appliance, the dishwasher doesn’t fit in the opening created for it. Great. Right off the bat, you’ve wasted time.

Solution: Measure and re-measure after floors are installed and the kitchen is ready for appliance installation.

Pitfall #2: Not ADA Height Compliant

When planning a kitchen remodel, it is important to keep ADA height guidelines in mind.  This is important for future owners of your home as well as guests.  You want to maximize the accessibility of your home to bring the most value and convenience.

Solution: Read through the ADA Height guidelines. Make sure that countertops are no higher than 34” from the floor to the top of the counter for maximum accessibility.

Get Your Design In Check With ASKO

ASKO provides the flexibility and functionality of a beautiful, modern and integrated kitchen while exceeding requirements with state-of-the-art, eco-friendly ADA height compliant appliances. After all, when you’re investing so much time and money, you never want to have to do the job twice.

For more information about ASKO dishwashers and how they can work in your fully-integrated kitchen, visit Also visit for more information on ADA guidelines for your home or office.

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