Energy Efficient Appliances Offer Many Benefits

These days, finding energy efficient appliances and affordable energy solutions for your home has never been easier. While you may understand the reasons why conserving energy is important, the real question you may be asking yourself is what’s in it for me?

The Benefits of Saving Energy

There are obvious benefits to the environment and the planet that make energy conservation a no-brainer. For instance, saving energy can keep fuel consumption at a minimum, which preserves resources that, as we speak, are becoming scarce. Fuels used for energy production often put out harmful emissions that deplete the ozone layer and damage the environment.

That’s the big-picture reason for saving energy. But here are some benefits you personally reap when you choose to be energy efficient:

  • Energy Savings = Money Savings. Saving energy in your home by doing simple things such as changing your fluorescent bulbs to energy-saving bulbs and using energy efficient appliances in your kitchen, laundry room and throughout the house, are all easy ways to save on energy while cutting your monthly bills way down.
  • Lifetime Payback with Energy Savings. Energy efficiency gets you a quicker return on your appliance investment. For example, an energy efficient dishwasher that costs you $500 and saves you $100 a year gives you a return on your investment in about five years, whereas a dishwasher that cost you $500 and only saves you $50 will take about 10 years to pay for itself.
  • Rebate Programs as Consumer Incentive for Saving. Depending on funding, national and regional programs are available for you, the consumer, to receive rebates and incentives for purchasing an energy efficient appliance. Those include appliances whose technology and manufacturing processes are environmentally sound, as well as those that adhere with the newest Energy Star standards of energy efficiency.

So Where Do You Start?

To be energy efficient, you don’t have to do any major home improvement overhauls. Start by replacing your dishwashers, washers and dryers with appliances that are Energy Star listed, that are built with energy consumption in mind, and that are environmentally friendly.

ASKO’s line of beautiful, energy efficient and fully-integrated products were built to stand the test of time while helping your home stay green. In other words, ASKO helps you to save energy and money while giving your home the environmental facelift it deserves. For more information on ASKO’s line of dishwashers, washers and dryers, visit

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