Things You Can Do to Celebrate Earth Day 2011!

Earth Day 2011Celebrate with These Great Activities for Earth Day 2011

Every year on April 22, we reflect on what it’s like to be in relationship with the Earth. As we celebrate Earth Day 2011, let’s talk about the different things we might do to commemorate this day and how we can incorporate those celebrations into our everyday lives.

Earth Day Celebrations

All over the world, people have been celebrating Earth Day as a reminder to be kind to Mother Earth.  Now, with endless conversation about climate change, animal extinction, oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico and greenhouse emissions, it is more important than ever to recognize just how vital it is for us to make the commitment to help the Earth every day.

Here are some activities for Earth Day that you and your family may want to consider as a way of celebrating and learning about our planet:

1. Plan an Earth Day get-together. Emphasize the importance of using recyclables and reusables by highlighting them at the party – i.e.: paper plates, newspapers, etc. Other things you can highlight as an example include conserving energy by turning off the lights, encouraging guests to carpool and using local, homegrown organic foods as a way of educating your guests about Earth-friendly food alternatives.

2. Plant a tree. Planting a tree may not seem like a huge celebratory gesture, but did you know that trees help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, clearing out pollution and keeping the ground steady, avoiding erosion?  Get a few friends together and have a tree-planting party!

3. Teach others about recycling and reusing by doing both. Get your kids together and have them collect all of the old toys they no longer use to give to other children. Also, you can collect items from around the house either that you are not using or that are damaged or broken and create something new, like a trinket box or a picture frame.  Make gifts for others using recycled or reusable materials you collect around your home.

4. Wear green or brown clothing. Wear a green shirt or maybe a brown outfit to highlight the importance of Earth Day.  Take that as an opportunity to break the ice and start conversations with others about the meaning of Earth Day.

5. Rebuy to close the loop. We’ve all heard on Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, but what about Rebuy?   Vote with your dollars by helping to create a demand for reusable, recyclable, and recycled items.   Rebuy by shopping at consignment stores and thrift stores, and look for the recycled-content label on new items that you purchase. Rebuying pre-owned items and items made from recycled content helps to encourage more companies and business to sell them, which helps the Earth!

Earth Day is EVERY DAY!

While all of these activities for Earth Day highlight the importance of the environment on the day of, it’s vitally important to remember to celebrate Earth Day every day! Truly being conscious about the Earth by walking or riding a bike as much as you can instead of using your car every day, buying homegrown food from your local growers and engaging in lively conversations and debates every day to ensure that everyone understands the importance of Earth Day are definitely ways to continue the celebration year-round. Even something as simple as turning off the lights each time you leave a room and not turning them on unless needed is a great example of a way you can celebrate Earth Day every day.

Happy Earth Day

ASKO joins families all around the world in celebrating Earth Day by reinforcing our commitment to environmentally-friendly, energy efficient appliances and products. To find out more about our role in the environment and how we can help you become more Earth-friendly, visit today.

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