Creating a Chore List for Your Kitchen and Laundry

Chore ListsChore lists: the key to staying on top of daily household tasks

Organizing and staying caught up on chores is a challenge that most families struggle with.  Getting the husband and kids motivated to help around the house, especially with doing dishes or laundry, can be a pretty big accomplishment all on its own; however, keeping them motivated to help each week can be close to impossible, right?

Wrong.  Many times, the frustration of household chores arises because your family doesn’t know where to start or what to do.  They can see that something needs to be done but get overwhelmed and don’t even get started.  This can be easily remedied by creating a household chore list.

The Household Chore list

The household chore list should include everything that needs to be done in the house on a regular basis.  This is especially important for rooms such as the kitchen and the laundry rooms, which are frequently visited and often require the most upkeep.

Hammering down a main list of all of the things that need to be done and frequency of chore will help everyone involved understand what should be done around the house and what isn’t being done.  Once you have a main list, take each room in the house and break the chores down by room.

Kitchen List

The ideal kitchen chore list includes everything from the everyday standards such as washing dishes or loading the dishwasher to the less frequent events such as clearing out the cupboards and cleaning the oven.

For instance, a daily kitchen chore list may look like this:

Daily Kitchen Chores

  • Loading dishwasher
  • Unloading dishwasher
  • Putting away dishes
  • Wiping countertop
  • Cleaning stovetop
  • Wiping down microwave
  • Sweeping and mopping floor

The weekly list would include things like cleaning out the fridge and cleaning the oven.

Laundry List

Laundry lists should be much simpler, because laundry is a pretty standard, everyday thing, and it’s hard to change up that routine.  The ideal laundry chore list will probably include the following:

Daily Laundry List:

  • Sorting laundry into whites, colors, delicates, bedding, towels, jeans
  • Washing laundry
  • Folding
  • Putting away laundry in respective rooms

The weekly laundry chore list may include bedding and draperies.

Of course the list will vary according to each person, and depending on who’s doing the laundry. Not everyone will sort into the same categories. Also, how you assign this category is entirely up to you; in our home, for instance, because there are no small children, we each do our own laundry.  That seems to work out fine for us.

However, if you’re assigning chores from the chore list to specific people, perhaps one way of doing it would be one person doing the sorting, one doing the loading, one doing the drying and then each taking a category to fold and put away.  If you have kids in your house, they can handle simple tasks like putting their folded clothes in the appropriate drawers.

Chore Lists

Time and time again, lists have proven to be not only helpful with organization but also with execution. Sitting down for a family meeting and discussing each person’s role and responsibility in the list will give everyone a sense of direction and will enable them to be an active part of keeping the house clean.  For kids, a reward system can be very motivating.  You can print out your chore list with a column for each week, and each child gets a star or sticker upon completion of each chore.  If they do all of their chores for the whole week, they get some sort of reward like a weekly allowance, or a trip to the ice cream store.

For more tips on how your household appliances can help your kitchen and laundry chores go much faster, visit today.

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