How to Wash Towels to Keep them Soft

How to Wash TowelsTips on Washing Towels to Keep Them Soft and Stay Environmentally Friendly in the Process

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably rather picky about you wash your towels, and what they feel like.  We can’t say we blame you.  We hate scratchy towels with no fluff.  Unfortunately, more often than not, it seems as though softness in towels has a life span as short as a wash cycle.  So after washing your towels just a few times, the scratchy lack of fluff begins.

Don’t despair. The key to washing towels and retaining their snuggly softness is to use one of many cost-effective, natural methods. No longer do you have to give up softness for cleanliness.  Here are some tips to making your towels softer than ever.

#1 – Soften the Water

One of the reasons your towels could be losing their cushiony softness so quickly after washing them is that you live in an area with hard water. Hard water has large amounts of dissolved calcium and magnesium, which, when mixed with detergent, can prevent the soap from working as it should and leaves your wash feeling hard and not completely clean.

The solution? Water softener.  Adding about a cup to your wash will keep all those pesky minerals from messing up your wash, making your towels nice and soft.

#2 – Juice it up!

Washing towels is just like washing the rest of your laundry. You don’t want to use harsh detergents or cleaning aids, especially when washing white clothes and towels. Using bleach gradually destroys the threads in your towels, making them scratchy and less absorbent.

Lemon juice is a great gentle alternative laundry detergent booster, that won’t weaken fabrics like bleach. White towels can retain their cottony goodness if you wash them with detergent and a cup of lemon juice instead of bleach.

Another environmentally friendly alternative to bleach is white vinegar. A half-cup of vinegar in the wash with your soap should do the trick.

#3 – Loading Tips

Keeping your towels softer can sometimes have nothing to do with the detergent or the water you’re using. Following some basic washing rules will also help. For instance, do not overload the washer. Stuffing the washer with too many towels won’t allow them to get clean. So for soft, gentle cleaning, leave plenty of room for the towels to fully absorb – and rinse out – all of the soap.

Here’s something you may not know: clotheslines are your best friend when it comes to washing towels and drying them. Rather than putting them in high heat to dry and possibly get thinned out and tough, let them dry al fresco. Hanging your towels to dry will not only conserve energy but it saves the fluff in your towels and helps keep them soft and cuddly.

Softer Towels Can Be Yours

Don’t believe what others tell you, that you can’t have soft and fluffy towels after repeated washing. Following these helpful hints will allow you to enjoy your towels for many washes to come.

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