Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Outdoor Kitchen DesignBuilding the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

How many times have you looked at your back yard and thought that it needed a little…something? Many of us have looked at our yards and thought that they’re boring, or perhaps that they are just a place for the kids to play or the dogs to run around, and we haven’t given it a second thought.

But what if you thought of your back yard as a separate entity altogether – perhaps your second home, complete with areas or “rooms,” each with its own unique purpose, look and feel, and function? Creating the perfect outdoor living space is all about looking beyond the drab monotony of a plain back yard and giving it a personality and a uniqueness.

Fun in the Sun…in Your Yard

From outdoor pool areas to outdoor kitchen designs, there are no limits to what you can do with a large enough back yard. Imagine for a second, being able to lie out in the pool, and then walking around a ivy-covered wall into an outdoor dining area completely separate from the pool. You would be taking at-home entertaining to a whole new level.

But how do you pull off that kind of renovation while staying cohesive, functional and true to yourself? Some key things that make an outdoor space truly special include:

  • Creative functionality. Outdoor storage trunks that double as benches, outdoor lighting integrated into stone or brick work, outdoor fireplaces to keep you enjoying the night sky and keep you warm year-round, sound systems integrated into vine-covered fences…the list goes on and on. Whether practical or entertaining, the functionality in all of these ideas translates into an outdoor living space that is not only useful, but fun.
  • Splashes of color. Outdoor space designs are greatly enhanced by beautiful and vivid splashes of color – and we don’t mean the type you get in the store. We are talking about the splashes that nature provides. From grass to trees and everything in between, make your outdoor living space come alive with plants that complement your general design and that also speak about your personal style. You can even use the colors to create a cohesive flow between your indoor space and your outdoor space.
  • Fully useable room, both indoor and outdoor. Outdoor kitchen designs are becoming one of the most popular kinds of outdoor living space creations today. Whether it is meant to go near a pool area or as a separate grill/kitchenette dining “room”, outdoor kitchen designs complete with stoves, marble or granite countertops, intricate cabinetry and even outdoor dishwashers are the talk of the outdoor design world. Adding one to your outdoor living space adds a level of sophistication and functionality to the outside of your home that can hardly be denied.

A Whole New World—A Few Yards Away

Finding a new use for an old space is always exciting. However, even more exciting is the prospect of having a brand new home away from home, within your home! From meditation rooms to entertaining decks, from Jacuzzi zones to fully-integrated patio kitchens, the sky is truly the limit when it comes time to decide what to do with your outdoor living space.

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