What in the World is an Outdoor Dishwasher?

Outdoor DishwasherComplete Your Outdoor Living Space with an Outdoor Dishwasher

Imagine the luxury of a beautiful machine combined with the energy efficiency and functionality of a high-quality home appliance – in your back yard. As outdoor living space remodeling becomes more popular, the dream outdoor kitchen design becomes more diverse, more intricate, and more like its indoor counterpart. One of the things that make that transition fully possible is an outdoor dishwasher.

But What in the World is an Outdoor Dishwasher?

Surely you have seen this, either in person or in magazines: outdoor kitchenette areas, usually by the pool, that have small cabinetry space with some counter space, a sink and a glass-top stove – sometimes a space-saver microwave – and almost always an outdoor mini-fridge. Similar to all of these and – let’s face it – eventually bound to happen was the outdoor dishwasher, fully equipped to handle the most demanding loads of dishes just like an indoor model.

The most notable difference between the indoor dishwasher and its much sturdier counterpart, the outdoor dishwasher, is the level of protection from the elements that the outdoor model displays. Much like the indoor models, the outdoor dishwasher can be easily hooked up with a water supply hose, a drain hose and an electric cord. However, the wiring and electronics in the dishwasher are reinforced and protected to withstand the coldest winters as well as the harshest, warmest summers.

Outdoor Dishwasher Features

Here are some of the other features of the outdoor dishwasher models:

  • Durable stainless steel exterior cabinet protects from harsh weather conditions and is built to protect from rust.
  • 7-wash spray system that uses six programs and six temperature settings reaching up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Extensive capacity, holding about 14 complete plate settings in total. In addition, the height-adjustable upper rack can hold wine ware and the lower rack, with its specially designated PowerZone™ spray system on the left, can clean large bowls, pots and pans.
  • Adjustable steel feet work to keep it level, regardless of the terrain.
  • Winterization system allows it to be prepared to spend the harshest winters outdoors.
  • 100% factory tested for full quality, functionality and look.
  • Water and energy efficient, using only about 3-4 gallons per wash with Normal wash.

Get Started on Your Dream Outside Kitchen

You can make your dream outdoor kitchen a reality by checking out ASKO’s new outdoor dishwasher, D5954 Outdoor. Visit www.askousa.com to find out how you can remodel your outdoor living space with high-quality, functional and energy-efficient solutions to your outdoor kitchen design.

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