Top Trends in Kitchen Design

Custom Kitchen Design Trends

Custom Kitchen Design Trends

If you are considering kitchen remodel ideas such as a new custom kitchen design, check out these top kitchen design trends!

The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in the home for a custom redesign.  Often the hub of the home, this is where excellent food is prepared for family and friends and where guests are entertained.  Given the level of daily activity that takes place in this multifunctional room, it’s important that the room itself reflects the personality and sophistication of the homeowner. There’s no better way to ensure that than through a modern custom kitchen design.  Here are some kitchen remodel ideas based on the current top trends.

Slab cabinet doors

Both white and darker natural woods are in style for kitchen cabinetry doors.  Simple, clean doors are popular while overly fussy and detailed cabinetry is officially old-fashioned.  Exotic wood is becoming quite popular, but oak, cherry, and maple are still top contenders on the high-end market as well.

More storage

Littered counters are out and efficient storage is in.  The look of today’s modern kitchen is clean and streamlined with only the essentials left out on the counter.

Quartz, slate, soapstone or marble countertops

The once incredibly popular granite is being phased out—at least the heavily veined granites.  If this material is used, it should be honed or flamed rather than polished.  The bottom line is that stones like these (and granite included) will resist burns, scratches, and other kinds of wear, helping them keep their beautiful appearance longer.

Designs that invite socialization in the kitchen

One great way to accomplish this in your custom kitchen design is to incorporate an overly large island with barstools.  The kids can spread out their homework or reading material and parents still have room to prepare the meal with their family all around them.

Stainless steel, energy-efficient appliances

One of the most lasting kitchen design trends is the look of stainless steel.  Appliances with this beautiful finish are often individual selling points of a home.  This proves their lasting beauty and desirability.

Clever appliances

Nothing is more futuristic than a stove that lets you digitally alter the burner location, a fridge with a TV on the door, an under-counter refrigerator, or a dishwasher.  Considering any of these clever appliances that are designed to simplify your life and modernize your kitchen will serve as excellent kitchen remodel ideas.

Integrated sinks or those made of natural stone

While stainless steel may rule every appliance in your modern kitchen, those old stainless steel sinks are definitely out—unless, of course, your entire counter is stainless steel and you want to integrate the sink seamlessly into the surface of the counter.  Sinks are becoming somewhat of a statement in modern kitchens.  They come deep and trough-like, in bold colors, or without any border between them and the countertop itself.

In the process of pinpointing exactly which kitchen design trends you want to implement in your home, consider the quiet, energy-efficient abilities of ASKO dishwashers.  This addition to your kitchen will aid in both its beauty and its functionality.

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