5 Reasons Why You Need to be Aware of ADA Dishwasher Guidelines

ADA DishwasherBefore you jump into the decision of remodeling your kitchen, you must take your particular needs into account as well as that of the environment, and its effect on the resale value of your home.  If you don’t have any energy-efficient appliances, your dishwasher may be the perfect place to start.  Even if you don’t have a disability that confines you to a wheelchair, you may have to redesign your kitchen to become ADA-compliant for the sake of resale value.  If you, or a loved one, uses a wheelchair to get around, this kind of remodel is a must. 
Special ADA dishwashers fit beneath lower-than-standard countertops.  Consider these five reasons for investing in such a custom dishwasher.

  1. Height. The ADA dishwasher was invented to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Regular dishwasher dimensions are 34 1/2″ high, 24″ wide, and 24″ deep.  However, ADA stainless steel dishwasher panels come between 32 ¼” and 34″ high.  This makes reaching in the dishwasher easier for someone in a wheelchair. This is also the perfect option for installations that have below average installation height space.
  2. Flexible Cycles.  Normal wash is the most commonly chosen cycle , but custom cycles such as upper or lower washes, Quick washes, or 60-minute washes enables you to customize the washing preferences of your custom dishwasher.
  3. Power Zones. Quality dishwashers clean better than just OK thanks to strategically placed cleaning zones.  These are ideal for baked-on food and can accomplish a pristine cleaning without any pre-rinsing required saving water and time.
  4. Turbo Drying.  To reduce hand drying needs, your dishwasher can dry all your dishes after washing them without warping the countertop above it or damaging any dishes it’s meant to be drying.  Even plastics are dried to perfection in Turbo Drying dishwashers!
  5. Strong Warranty.  Appreciate a three-year warranty, which is three times longer than most dishwashers.  These units can offer you such a long warranty because there is more steel than plastic in these units, meaning they are built with a lifetime of use in mind.

Before you choose one model of ADA dishwasher over another, be sure to measure the existing space you have.  You can take advantage of flexible installation choices from ASKO.  Along with providing excellent energy efficiency, cleaning and drying results, ASKO also places an emphasis on taking care of the environment.

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