Green Certifications and Seals – What do They Mean?

If you are ready for a new dishwasher or washing machine, you will be pleased to know there is an appliance recycling program in place that will take the used machines off your hands, making room for a new, Energy Star washing machine or eco dishwasher.  Some programs will even pick up your old appliance from your home, eliminating the need to lug it anywhere.

Here are a few common green certifications and seals and what they mean:

Nordic EcolabelThe Nordic Ecolabel

To deserve this label, a product must address the climate change issue by emitting less CO2 into the air and meet other strict energy consumption requirements at the same time.  When you buy a washing machine, green dishwasher, and other electric appliance with the Nordic Ecolabel, you can rest assured that specific guidelines have been met to ensure that you really are supporting a healthier environment.

ISO 14001 CertificationISO 14001 Certifications

Precise levels of environmental performance are not specified by these certifications established by the International Organization for Standardization because that is not the intent.  Instead, ISO standards provide a framework for a holistic approach to be taken by businesses all over the country.  A company can be audited to see if they are eligible for an ISO 14001 certification based on their environmental management system.

Energy Star SealEnergy Star

This is the certification that is most recognized today because it pertains to appliances in the home.  In order to be an Energy Star washing machine or other appliance, it must consume less energy than regular units, use less water, and overall be responsible for fewer pollutants being released into the air.  You save money and energy when you use Energy Star appliances in your home.

FSC Certification
FSC Label
When you see this logo on a paper product, you know the business is doing everything in their power to conserve, manage, and offer benefits to people near the forests where the paper comes from.  Anything made of wood or paper can receive this certification if the product comes from FSC-certified sources and is manufactured and printed from sources with FSC chain-of-custody certification.

ASKO has a long history of providing homeowners everywhere with a beautiful, reliable way to consumer less energy and save money.  All of ASKO’s appliances meet or exceed the above standards, and all promotional materials are printed on FSC paper.  So, as your eco dishwasher toils away for years, you can sit back and relax, knowing you put your money in the ideal appliance for your home.  Whether you need a traditional kitchen dishwasher or an outdoor dishwasher, ASKO has what you are looking for.

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