5 Reasons Why: Family-Sized Washing Machine and Ventless Dryer

Stacking Washer and DryerIf you are in the market for a new washing machine and dryer, you need to take the size of your family into account.  Any more than two people in your family can result in insurmountable piles of laundry that never seem to end.  With a family-sized washing machine and dryer, you can get laundry done in record time.  Here are five reasons to look into an ASKO family-sized washer and ventless dryer.

Guaranteed Temperatures

ASKO washers can get stains out of clothing using a cold water fill without harsh chemicals.  This helps your clothing last longer and puts less detrimental cleaning agents into the water supply.

Active Drum

Sand and dirt can be removed better than other washing machine drums, and its exclusive design helps to protect clothing and makes them last longer.  The drum is also quiet, thanks to Quattro suspension.

Super Rinse

The sensors recognize when another rinse is necessary to keep whites whiter and brights brighter.  Anyone with allergies or sensitive skin will appreciate the fact that up to seven rinses occur with each wash cycle to clean your clothes thoroughly.

Smart Seal

Washing machines develop a smell over time, but this is not true of an ASKO stacking washer & dryer (Note: side-by-side versions are also available with or without a platform.). The Smart Seal eliminates odors and prevents water leaks.  This makes for easy loading and unloading of clothing and prevents the transfer of dirt from a dirty door onto your freshly laundered clothing.

Strong Warranty

You get three years of protection against faulty equipment, which is three times longer than most washing machine warranties.  Such a confident promise can be given because more steel that plastic is used in the design, meaning your investment is in a quality, long-lasting, dependable machine.

Now that you know all the benefits of a family-sized washing machine, you will also want to know about utilizing a ventless dryer.  This enables you to install your dryer anywhere that traditional plumbing is in place.  Therefore, if there are no vents, it’s no problem.  Please note that it is important to always sort loads by fabric type and color for best results. ASKO family-size washers are designed to clean family-size loads with less energy and water with increased fabric care and cleaning.  ASKO is your premier, eco-friendly appliance company, where quality and attention to detail are never sacrificed!

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