10 Things to do While Waiting on Laundry

Waiting on Laundry10 Things to do While Waiting on Laundry – Working Alongside Your Stacking Washer and Dryer (or side-by side!)

Completing another task around the house while you wait on the laundry feels like multitasking, even if the stacking washer and dryer are actually doing most of the work. Here are 10 things you can do while the dirty socks and pajamas are tossed around in the water.

  1. Do the dishes. Unload clean plates and cups and reload your energy-efficient dishwasher with the dishes from breakfast.
  2. Do fix-it jobs around the house. One example is to repair a leaky faucet. If all you need is to replace a washer, you could be done with this task in only 15 minutes—just in time to transfer a load of laundry into your ventless dryer.
  3. Sweep the kitchen floor. Since you’ve already done the dishes, you may as well finish the job of cleaning the kitchen.
  4. Clean out the fridge. You’ll feel better when you reach into a spotless refrigerator to grab your next snack or meal.
  5. Check your email. While waiting on your laundry, keep up with the news on the web and answer important emails.
  6. Paint your toenails. Not everything you do while waiting on laundry needs to be a chore. Choose your favorite color and let your steady hand deliver a fresh coat of paint to your tootsies.
  7. Play a game of cards. If you have a child home from school on laundry day, step back from everything you need to get done and bond with your child.
  8. Read a book. It might be your specific “waiting on the laundry” book, or the one you always choose to read when you have a few minutes to yourself.
  9. Enjoy a cup of tea. Perhaps the tea will be more enjoyable when coupled with your good book.
  10. Do nothing. You don’t need to be busy every moment of the day, even with enjoyable things. Zone out or take a much-needed nap while your diligent stacking washer and dryer do all the hard work.

Laundry is a seemingly never-ending, thankless chore, but these tasks to keep you occupied while the laundry is going should help you feel a little better about this duty. It also helps when your washer and dryer are designed to make your task easier and your whites whiter. You will change your tune about doing laundry once you see what luxury ASKO laundry centers have to offer.

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