Stacking Washer and Dryer

Stacking Washer and Dryer

With a busy life full of kids, spouses, out-of-town guests and probably even pets, you need the very best laundry appliances to help you keep everyone’s clothes and linens fresh and clean. You dream of a stacking washer and dryer that will keep you and your family “in business,” so to speak, and in particular a dryer that will dry all of the clothes and the bedsheets without an ounce of dampness.

Why a Family-Sized Dryer?

ASKO knows that, all too often, people tend to settle for barely functional with no style and no longevity. This shouldn’t be the case with your washing machine, but it definitely shouldn’t be the case with your dryer.

Here are five reasons why you should consider an ASKO family-sized dryer for all of your laundry needs:

  1. Stylish and functional design. With easy to use panels that include a logical left-to-right programming style and preprogrammed cycles by fabric type, ASKO wins in the category of functionality. And with Scandinavian design that speaks to simplicity in style, ASKO wins in design as well.
  1. Reduced ironing. With its patented Butterfly™ Dry technology, ASKO brings you a family-sized dryer that dries effectively while reducing wear and tear on your motors and belts, which saves you money. Complete drying coverage of your loads is achieved using a continuous figure eight tumble pattern that reduces wrinkles, thus saving you hours of ironing. A stainless steel drum that gets smoother with age provides the best fabric care, and you have an ultra-low temperature setting with more airflow to dry effectively.
  1. Superior fabric care. All ASKO dryers come with Auto Dry programs that save money. A precise thermistor sensor measures temperature for accurate drying that reduces static cling and protects your clothes and linens.
  1. Flexible installation. Do you want a fully integrated washer and dryer that is built into your laundry room? Do you prefer a stacking washer and dryer, or would you rather have each element side-by-side? ASKO can do them all, giving you many venting options like allowing for a 60′ venting capability, three-way venting or even Condenser Ventless dryers. You have endless options from which to choose.
  1. Quality guaranteed. All ASKO washing machines and dryers have a 2-plus-1 parts and labor warranty, the strongest warranty in the industry. Three years protection and long life tested for quality, ASKO goes the extra mile to ensure you enjoy your washers and dryers for years to come.

Check out ASKO products today

If you’re looking for a family-sized dryer that will meet and exceed your expectations in quality, performance and style, look no further than ASKO appliances. Visit us today at www.askousa.com to learn more about our products.

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