Stainless Steel Dishwashers: Why a Rinse Agent May Not Be Good for Your Investment or Your Family

Rinse AidsMany of us love the convenience and savings of having our stainless steel dishwashers. You can save both money and time by using a dishwasher, allowing you to use less water in the process and completing the task quickly and efficiently.

To improve the quality of the wash in the dishwasher people often use  rinse agents like Jet Dry. These products are designed to aid in the rinsing process to ensure that dishes not only dry faster, but also cleaner and without spots or streaks. But is using a rinse agent really in your best interest?

The Cons of Rinse Agents

Despite the common belief that it’s okay to use a rinse aid in your dishwasher, there are some reasons you should consider when examining why rinse agents such as Jet Dry should not be used. Here are three things you might be saving by skipping on the rinse agent and substituting for something else.

  1. Your Health – Rinse aids contain chemicals, some of which are sometimes toxic and not biodegradable. These chemicals create a film that stays on your dishes and glasses. Meaning they can transfer to the food and drink that gets ingested the next time those dishes are used. Also, the chemicals in rinse agents sometimes get released into the air, causing fumes that can irritate your eyes.
  1. The Environment – The chemicals used in rinse aids get washed back into the water system, polluting the water that goes through the system and back into our lakes and rivers.
  1. Your Money – Purchasing rinse agents can get fairly expensive at about $6-$7 per bottle! This is pricey, especially considering that dishwasher detergent is expensive to begin with. There are homemade alternatives that are cheaper and easier to come by.

Homemade Non-Toxic Alternatives

By far, the most popular all-natural, non-toxic rinse agent often recommended for stainless steel dishwashers is white vinegar, which can be found in the salad dressing aisle of any local supermarket. Fill the dispenser with vinegar every time you run the washer to get your dishes sparkly and clean, with no streaks or spots. You’ll have no vinegar smell and it will cost you merely pennies on the dollar as opposed to the fancier, store-bought rinse aids that will no doubt cost way more.

ASKO Dishwashers for Safer Living

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