Celebrity Kitchens You’ll Love and Want to Imitate!

Celebrity KitchenWhether the rich and famous give the media a sneak peak or a grand tour of their mansions, country homes, or apartments, the room that they often love to show off the most is the kitchen.

As it is the case with most families’ kitchens, celebrity kitchens are generally the most reflective of the famous person’s lifestyle. By getting a cue from some of these beautiful designer kitchens, you can get an idea of what your own personal style is and incorporate those in your own space.

#1 Oprah Winfrey

Media queen Oprah Winfrey’s affinity for the infusion of stainless steel appliances into gorgeous cabinetry makes her Hawaii retreat’s kitchen one of our very favorites. With ceilings hand-painted to look like an old quilted pattern and hints of light wood and pure white carpentry work, Oprah definitely lets her personality shine through her kitchen.

#2 Ricky Martin

An amazing career, two adorable kids, and one of the nicest homes on the East Coast… What else could Ricky Martin ask for? An exquisite kitchen, of course! Highlighted by white countertops, beautiful brick floors and lovely white cabinetry, Ricky’s kitchen is spacious, chic and immaculate. Appliances in white and stainless steel take this home kitchen beyond simplicity into superstar mode.

#3 Justin Timberlake

New York City’s superstar bachelor Justin Timberlake has a kitchen fit for city living: spacious, modern and simple. What makes Justin’s kitchen one of our favorites is the combination of white and gray with the beautiful hardwood floors and simply stunning cabinetry. The wall-sized window gives the kitchen a feeling of openness and elegance.

Design your Own Dream Kitchen

Some of these designer kitchens may have sparked your creativity, especially if you’re looking to remodel or refresh the look of your own home. You, too, can have a kitchen fit for a celebrity. The key is to have the right idea of what you want, and the right appliances to go with them.

With ASKO appliances, you can have a custom-built designer dishwasher that fits your personality and speaks to the overall ambiance in your home. Find out more at www.askousa.com.

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