Does Your Dishwasher Dry?

Water Saving DishwasherA dishwasher is a convenience, but as consumers shift their focus to a water-saving dishwasher or other energy efficient model, they may feel the need to give up some of the features that make the appliance truly useful., The internal heating element in dishwashers, is an energy waster and is not efficient because it works by “baking” the dishes dry. Fortunately, there is now a unique new drying system available that leaves dishes and even plastic dry by the end of the cycle while saving energy and damage to dishware!

Your dishwasher should make life easier. Any dishwasher that leaves you drying the dishes by hand is creating more work for you. Now ASKO, maker of some of the world’s most energy efficient dishwashers, has developed the TurboDrying™system, which is the best drying system  on the market, ensuring that your entire load comes out of the dishwasher dry.

Traditionally, dishwashers dry dishes in one of two ways. There is the aforementioned internal heating element, which bakes the dishes to get them dry. This is not only inefficient, but can also be damaging, as plastic things that drop to the bottom can stick to the heating element and melt. Another approach is Condensation Drying which uses the stainless steel interior tub along with a high temperature final rinse to heat up the inside of the dishwasher. This approach creates a condensation environment that encourages the remaining moisture to sheath from the dishware which is similar to a drip dry process. Because these systems are not completely effective, consumers often have to resort to methods like leaving the dishwasher open for an extended time or allowing dishes to sit overnight. There are even additives on the market to help dishwashers’ poor performances. This is definitely not the most convenient or efficient method to achieve dry dishes! The Turbo Drying™ system is unique, and eliminates the
need for hand drying or costly additives. After the last rinse, a chamber in the door collects all the moist air and sends it down the drain. The result is dry dishes, as soon as the cycle completes.

ASKO makes some of the most energy and water efficient dishwashers in the world, including fully integrated models to match any kitchen, and low water dishwashers that outperform the competition. Premium Swedish appliances, including dishwashers, are designed to be efficient, durable, and environmentally friendly. Visit the ASKO website to discover their award-winning style and to learn why their dishwashers are market leaders.

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