Stainless Steel Dishwashers: What is TouchProof Stainless?

Stainless Steel Dishwashers - Touchproof Satinless

Stainless Steel Dishwashers - Touchproof Stainless

When it comes to enduring trends in home design, nothing surpasses the appeal of stainless steel dishwashers. The modern, yet timeless look of stainless steel appliances transforms any kitchen into a sophisticated space. Unfortunately, many homeowners have found that the sleek surface is difficult to keep clean. It is no surprise that ASKO, manufacturer of top of the line Swedish appliances, has a solution.

For any homeowner frustrated with constantly wiping down their stainless steel appliances in order to remove fingerprints and smudges, ASKO has created TouchProof™ stainless. No surface can look sleek with fingerprints or smudges all over it, so TouchProof™ stainless steel has a thin clear coating that repels smudges from its surfaces. It does not in any way change the look of the steel itself, so it fits in perfectly with any existing stainless appliances.

Even better news for busy homeowners is that it does not require any special cleaning solutions. In fact they are not recommended, as the chemicals not only add toxicity to your home, but can damage the clear coating. All that needs to be used is a warm, wet cotton cloth (no paper towels). Other companies have come out with smudge-resistant material that looks like stainless, but ASKO’s patented TouchProof™ is unique in that it retains the same qualities of standard stainless. Every model in ASKO’s stainless line is now manufactured with TouchProof™.

Anyone looking to purchase a top-quality, energy efficient dishwasher or laundry product that is both beautiful and functional should check out ASKO’s Website. Committed to designing appliances that combine form and function, with an eye to saving water and energy, ASKO provides unsurpassed quality and style. With over 60 years of experience, they are sure to have a model that suits your needs as well as your vision! Be sure to visit our blog often for the latest on home design and décor trends, and quality Swedish Appliances.

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  1. Jan Roos says:

    Nothings worse than having to constantly clean stainless steel and worry about how it’s going to look all the time. Thanks for the Touchproof tip – I didn’t know about it.

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