Interior Design Trends for 2012

Interior Design Trends for 2012As the new year unfolds, many people are wondering about interior design trends for 2012. The year is shaping up to be a happy one, with a focus on light and fun. According to many designers, bold colors and eclectic designs will dominate the scene.

  • Bright is the watchword. Bold upholstery, with bright colors and interesting prints, are freshening up rooms everywhere. Designers are also advising clients to add more lighting to rooms, to increase the light and make an impact. Light fixtures that are large and unique are a great way to brighten a room, especially if they combine things like iron and glass, or colored crystal and organic shapes, to add interest.
  • Texture is key. Dimensional wallpaper, sleek tiles, and fresh flowers can bring a new look to a room. Have fun with your decorating, and do not be afraid to play with textures to add a new feel to the room.
  • Mixing styles is a great idea. Eclectic decorating is replacing minimalism, and people  love it, because it means they can reuse beloved pieces while mixing in some modern ones as well.
  • There is a movement toward uniting past, present, and future. Eclectic decorating is not the only way to preserve the past while looking toward the future. Look for interesting trends in design this year that incorporate indigenous influences like native geometrics and repurposed items with more modern ideas—like blueprints and maps as art, or mirrors and mirrored images.
  • Colors are leaning toward earth tones, jeweled tones, and other rich colors. Natural pigments are popular. Golds, yellows and browns are becoming warmer; dark reds are prevalent; and turquoise, teal, and indigo are all making an appearance.

In short, the biggest interior design trends of 2012 seem to blend the old and the new, infusing modernism with a yearning for a simpler time. Eco-consciousness is a given; natural colors are popular. Look for furniture with a natural, rustic, or antique feel, paired with a modern touch to give them a unique flair.

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