How to Save on Heating Bills This Winter

How to Save on Heating Bills This WinterAccording to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, you would be prudent to learn how to save on heating bills this winter. Despite a warmer winter, the EIA predicts a rise in energy costs, particularly for those households that use heating oil or propane. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to cut your costs.

  • The most obvious way to cut energy costs is to lower the thermostat setting. For every degree a thermostat is lowered over an eight hour period, the heating bill will drop 1 percent. It makes sense, then, to turn the thermostat down when you sleep or leave the house. Installing a programmable thermostat is a good idea, so that you do not risk forgetting.
  • A clean furnace runs more efficiently. Though it is most certainly not the least expensive way, checking and cleaning your furnace is one of the most effective ways to reduce heating costs. Change the air filter, and for about twenty dollars, you can improve the airflow from the furnace and extend its life expectancy.
  • Insulate! Adding insulation to the attic and crawl space can lower heating costs, and insulating the water heater can help it retain heat and reduce your energy bill by about twenty dollars each year.
  • Use your appliances in an energy efficient way. Choose energy efficient appliances, and then be smart about how you use them. Run the dishwasher and washing machine only when you have full loads, and you will be able to run them less frequently and save money.
  • Be smart about light. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs, which use half the energy of a traditional bulb, but last longer. Turn off lights during the day, and use the sun’s natural light and warmth.
  • Use ceiling fans. Fans are not just for summer. Set in reverse, a ceiling fan will draw warm air through the house, improving the efficiency of the heating system.
  • Dodge the drafts. Seal cracks and leaks, and weather-strip around windows and doors, to prevent the loss of warm air and lower heating costs.
  • Use only what you need. Turn off anything you are not using, whether lights, appliances, televisions, or computers. Also consider heating only the space you are using. Use space heaters, and close vents in unoccupied rooms.

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