Laundry Room Decor Ideas

Laundry Room Decor Ideas

Photo courtesy of Distinctive Remodeling Solutions.

Even people who fastidiously decorate every inch of their living space sometimes run dry when it comes to laundry room décor ideas. Many people even hide their laundry rooms, but this space does not have to be an eye sore. In fact, there are plenty of innovative ways to make it both functional and decorative. Our laundry room décor ideas will have you showing off your laundry room when you walk people around your home!

• Think clean. The best-looking laundry rooms have clean lines and simple color palettes, along with easy-to-clean surfaces. Ample storage space should keep surfaces clear. The cleaner the laundry room feels, the easier it is to do laundry!

• Make it easy on yourself. Counter space in the laundry room makes spot treating and folding laundry easier. Using fully integrated washers and dryers help create an open folding space! You can elevate them too so your folding space is at the perfect height. If a counter is not available, a melamine table can make a handy substitute, because it is resistant to water and stains.

• Create attractive storage solutions. Keep detergent and cleaning aids stashed in a cabinet above the washer, for easy access, and post a stain-fighting guide on the inside of the door. Re-purpose glass jars to store detergent—it will look far better than plastic jugs and cardboard boxes. Hang a basket for items found in pockets, and surface-mount an ironing board in a cabinet rather than keeping one freestanding.

• Functionality is the most important factor. Consider a drop-down drying rack for delicate clothing. Use hang-dry closets with a dehumidifier for those items that cannot be tumbled dry. Install shelves and cabinets when possible. Even a small space can be fully utilized with a little bit of thoughtful creativity.

• Get creative. Use paint, curtains, and stencils to make the laundry room space your own. Switch the direction your dryer (or front-loading washer) opens if the current direction will not work in the space. Browse through laundry room photos for ideas, and then look to your own style for inspiration. You spend a great deal of time doing laundry, so make it a space that pleases you.

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