Loading a Dishwasher – Making the Most of Your Appliance

Loading a Dishwasher

Loading a Dishwasher

Loading a dishwasher does not seem tricky, but if you have ever shared a kitchen, you know that everyone has an opinion about how this task should be done.  So, is there a correct way? The best way to load a dishwasher is the way that optimizes its cleaning power and uses energy wisely. Here are some tips:

  • Scrape before you load. With ASKO, no pre-rinsing is required, however ASKO dishwashers and detergents work best when there is actually something to remove.
  • Load plates into the bottom rack. Plates should fit between the slots, facing the center. If they lean, lean them in and downward. Be sure they are separated, so that all surfaces are reached by the stream of water.
  • Also use the bottom rack for platters, cookie sheets, pots, and pans. Platters and cookie sheets should go along the sides, with pots and pans facing downward, with their open sides toward the sprayer arm.
  • The top rack is for glasses, cups, bowls and plastic. Be careful to position glassware on the prongs, so they do not move around and break.
  • The cutlery basket is often a topic of debate. Here is the definitive answer: put the cutlery handle side down, except for knives, which pose a hazard if the blades point upward. Space the cutlery loosely, and be sure the spoons and forks are not “nesting” close together, where water cannot reach all the surfaces. Long pieces of cutlery should lay down, either in the upper basket or in a flat cutlery basket, designed for that purpose
  • If your dishes are not coming clean, look to your detergent. We Recommend powder detergents. You may also need to change the amount of detergent you are using.

Of course, even more important than loading the dishwasher is choosing the dishwasher in the first place. Choose a machine that offers a variety of cycles, and a flexible rack system that allows you to change things up to suit your needs. ASKO has been making fine European appliances since 1950, and their dishwashers are not only innovative, but also energy efficient. Visit the website to learn more, or join the conversation online at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn.

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