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Childproofing Your Kitchen Using All Natural Cleaning Supplies

At ASKO, we live for innovative design that helps the environment. We strive to be your go-to manufacturer for your next energy star dishwasher, dryer, or washing machine. We are also passionate about helping you to be green in every part of your home, that’s why we invited Michelle Savin, eco-friendly mom and blogger, to discuss how to childproof your kitchen with all natural cleaning supplies.

When it comes to a childproofing your home, do you know what chemicals are in your kitchen? My golden rule is that absolutely no cleaners should be stored under the kitchen sink, even All Natural Cleaning Supplies.  In my home, I actually keep my cleaners on a high shelf in the garage, away from my children.

I feel like I have been childproofing my entire life.  Having five children makes me feel like a seasoned veteran.  My 16-month-old son is about to be into everything, so once again it is time to keep everything out of his reach.

When I was on the Nate Berkus show last year, I talked about All Natural Cleaning Supplies to use in the home.  During his show, I actually made my own all-purpose eco-cleaner and even demonstrated removing scratches from hardwood floors using tea.  In this post, I have also included a mold remover for grout and eco-floor cleaner that I use in my home.  The beauty of making your own All Natural Cleaning Supplies is that you can keep toxic chemicals out of the home and choose your own fragrance.  Make sure to keep all chemicals, natural or not, away from children and animals, and make sure to prepare these cleaners in open containers.

Michelle Savin’s All Purpose Eco-Cleaner

This is great for wiping down counters in the kitchen, and for wiping down granite or other solid surfaces around the home.

What you will need:

      4 cups of water

      2 Tablespoons vinegar

      1 Tablespoon baking soda

      2 Tablespoons borax

      3 drops of essential lemon oil

You can also use lavender or spearmint; I personally like the lemon or mint for the kitchen.

Michelle Savin’s Mold Remover for Grout

What you will need:

      1 cup hydrogen peroxide

      2 cups of water

Directions: Spray on grout leave for one hour. You can rinse after one hour. You can also use your eco-grout brush and plain baking soda on the grout.

Michelle Savin’s Eco-Floor Cleaner

You will need:

      1/3 cup vinegar

      1 gallon of tap water or 16 cups of water

Note: Add 10 drops of essential oils to your preference.

The Michelle Savin Tea Solution

This Tea Solution is ideal for removing scratches on hardwood floors.

You will need:

      2 cups of boiling water

      5 tea bags

Directions: Let the tea steep. Let the mixture cool. Use a rag or pastry brush to apply tea to scratches on wood floor. Let the tea dry. Then apply a little oil olive to seal the scratch. Make sure to test and dry thoroughly.

Explore the ASKO blog for non-toxic tips on how to wash towels to keep them soft, and tricks for washing white clothes. With summertime upon us, it is time to clean the house and keep everyone safe with these All Natural Cleaning Supplies.

Michelle Savin is an eco-stylist from California.  She is an expert on organic and eco-friendly family living. She is the founder of organic bedding line Until Kara.  Follow her at Organic Conscious Mom or on her Twitter @EcoStyleMe.

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