ecoVantage Laundry Detergent is Back!

Drumroll please… ECOVANTAGE LAUNDRY DETERGENT IS BACK! With a fresh new look too!


Let’s quiz your laundry detergent knowledge with a couple of questions. First, what does clean smell like? Trick question! Clean has no scent at all! If you can still smell the detergent in your clothes, that means your clothes are not being rinsed well enough. ecoVantage’s formula doesn’t have any fillers in it, so when your clothes are clean all you will smell is the scent of your clean fabrics.

Second, do you know what happens when the wash gets too sudsy with detergent? Your clothes don’t get super clean, detergent and dirt get left in your fabrics! Oversudsing may lead to longer wash times, soap residue can be left in your tub, or you will find error displays on your control panel. Oversudsing can occur if you’re using too much detergent or a regular detergent for your high efficiency machine. No worries, ecoVantage’s low suds formula will prevent this from happening! All you need is one scoop and your clothes come out nice and clean! The 7 pound bucket of ecoVantage will go far. You can get 110 loads out of it!

What makes ecoVantage laundry detergent so great you ask? Well, here are some of the awesome key features:

To find ecoVantage near you, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you find buckets.

800-898-1879 Option 1

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