How to Load an ASKO Diswasher

ASKO’s Spray Systems

Loading Your ASKO Dishwasher

We have a great new YouTube video featuring ASKO’s Webstar, Marty Bausch, “How to Properly Load an ASKO Dishwasher!”  ASKO dishwashers have 7 to 10Spray™ wash systems and we want to teach you about each spray’s great powers so you know how to load your dishwasher to get maximum cleaning power.


There are seven sprays found on every ASKO dishwasher with three additional as you step up through the line-up.

  1. Self Cleaning Filter: The filter in the bottom of the tank is continuously sprayed.
  2. Filter/ Tank: Rinses the bottom of the tank.
  3. Lower Spray Arm- Up: Cleans the dishes and cutlery in the upper rack.
  4. Upper Spray Arm- Down: Washes the dishes and cutlery in the lower rack from above.
  5. Upper Spray Arm- Up: Cleans the dishes in the upper rack from below.
  6. Pots and Pans PowerZone: Powerful spray nozzle scrubs heavily soiled pots and pans.
  7. Cutlery Basket PowerZone: Fan power sprays cutlery basket anywhere in the front horizontal row.
  8. Plates PowerZone: Powerful spray nozzle scrubs food and sauces off your plates. (Available on: D5644XLCS, D5554XXLFI, D5654XXLHS, and D5894XXL)
  9. Middle Rack: Sprays just the middle basket to clean bowls, casseroles, cutlery, etc. (Available on: D5554XXLFI, D5654XXLHS, and D5894XXL)
  10. Upper Cutlery Rack: Spray zone for the 4th level cutlery basket. (Available on: D5894XXL)

You can also watch our video on the 10Spray system on our YouTube channel. Visit the ASKO Website for details.

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