Does your Laundry Room need a Face Lift?


Who says your laundry room can’t be fabulous and functional?  As we all know how frantic it can be to have a spanking new laundry room, here we have selected a few tips for you to consider while upgrading the room to suite your liking.

It will require a bit of tweaking, moving around and adding staple pieces to complete this project.  Are we ready for the face lift?

First thing first, consider the amount of space you would like to have in your laundry room.  How about creating a low impact layout?

1) Low Impact Layout

·         Appliances: Stack them or put them side by side to transfer wet clothes easily from washer to dryer. Machines should be placed directly in front of utility hookups.

·         Supplies: Store detergent, stain sticks, and other clothing-care items, such as a sewing kit, in closed cabinets, cubbies, or open shelving that’s above or next to machines.

·         Baskets: Leave enough room in front of machines to empty or fill them easily, and create a nearby niche to tuck baskets or hampers out of the way but within easy grabbing distance.

·         Work surface: Add a counter or a freestanding table adjacent to stacked or top-loading machines for sorting, treating, and folding. With front loaders placed side by side, consider installing a counter on top of the machines to save space.

Laundry Room Tips from This Old House


2)  Consider Front Load Washers

They normally cost more, but front-loading washers tend to clean better and more efficiently than most top loaders—a faster spin cycle, up to 1,200 rpm, wrings out more water to cut drying time and energy consumption. ASKO W6884 and W6984 FI have a spin speed that goes up to 1800. A front loader also offers design flexibility and comfort; you can stack it with a dryer to save floor space.



3) Eco-Friendly/Energy Efficient Washers

Consider ASKO washers as we promote ways to help the environment and ‘go green.’ Why not help to take care of our earth and promote healthy living? Energy Star recently has designated all ASKO washers as the Most Energy Efficient 2013 under 2.5 cubic feet capacity category.  You can also save money by choosing energy efficient and long lasting products.  By converting to our ASKO ECO washer, you will see the difference in lower energy bills.

ASKO W6984FI & T794CFI

4)  Give it a color!

One of the most simple and cost efficient ways to give your laundry room a personality is to paint the walls with a pop of color.  Try using semi-gloss paint, it is easy to wipe clean and adds a subtle shine.  Even better, try adding colorful accents such as flowers, paintings and other crafty accessories of your choice.  Be creative and have fun.


















5)  Add a chandelier

Good lighting tends to make the room appear bigger.  Using a nice contrast of colorful walls with a chandelier can make your laundry room feel dynamic while giving an elegant vibe all around.









6)  Change your attitude

Where do you spend the most time changing in and out of your clothes?  Your bathroom perhaps?  Why not consider the possibility of turning your bathroom into a practical laundry room?  With the ASKO Washers and Dryers, it’s possible!  It’s so quite that you won’t even notice it!  The noise level goes as low as 41dB during the wash and 70dB during the spin.  Pretty incredible huh?

7)  Cover it up!

Are you tired of looking at the hamper, basket and other mess located under the sink?  Here’s a quick fix that you can try.  Find a fabric of your choice that acts as a curtain and you can conceal any under the sink mess!  Not only it hides, but with an accent fabric, your laundry room can look more alive.

8)  Go Go Gadget

Having useful gadgets especially an ironing board around the laundry room will make your life so much easier.  With the ASKO HiddenHelper Double Shelf HDB115, you can finish the last step of your laundry on site and not to mention the space you get to save.  I bet no one will ever guess you had a hidden ironing board!

9)  Bead It! (Bead Board & Pin Board)

Has anyone thought about adding bead board or even a pin board on their walls? It comes in handy as you can utilize the given space, moreover it is so easy to install.  The boards are available at the local home improvement stores; check out the paneling section.  It’s a perfect destination for towels, jackets and coats.

10)  Add organizational shelving

You can have it both ways, either on top of the washer or underneath the sink or even next to the washer if the space is allowed. Instead of tossing detergent bottles next to the washer, why not have a designated place for it?   Adding shelves can elevate the look and feel of your laundry room as well as to help to maintain the neat structure for a long period time.









Hopefully these tips can motivate you to take the first step into creating a stunning, yet functional laundry room.  I’m sure we can all attest to reducing the feeling of doing the “chore” while doing the laundry, because there is nothing more fabulous than spending time in your favorite room! ASKO Washers and Dryers are designed to have the flexibility to be installed in any laundry room you can imagine!

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