Fall into Autumn!

Leaves are falling and the colorful painted landscapes welcome us to another season that brings the feeling of Autumn entrenched by the warm memories of our younger years.  Candy corn, pumpkin pies, hot apple cider… and anything with nutmeg and ginger spices that add a distinct autumnal flavor! 

If you are a fan of Autumn, you not only look forward to indulging yourself in some of the seasonal treats as mentioned from above, but also to transform your house from Summer to Fall.  Here we have gathered some of the hottest trends to redecorate your space in the most simple and pocket friendly way possible.









The key point in decorating is to tweak and enhance your space to feel more of the season.  Try to utilize what you already have going on at the house to make this transition smooth and easy. Shall we begin?

Trade out your pillows

How about cozy faux fur, velvet and woven wool pillows in solid warm colors?  It will be a perfect accent piece for your sofa or a club chair, especially if you own natural toned furniture.  A nice pop of color will go a long way of changing the vibe of the entire room.  Don’t be afraid to use bold colors, be spontaneous and mix and match!

While at it, bring out the blanket to add autumnal shades to your space.  Cashmere or lamb wool usually does the trick over the arm of your sofa along your pillows.








 Update your floor

If you have wood floors or a flat file carpet, try adding a rug that has warm tones, and will give an inviting look to your space.  Fluffy wool and an exotic print, there are so many options to choose from!








Set the mood right

You finally get to use your fireplace after all!  It almost seems pointless having one, but when the weather cools down, the fireplace instantly becomes a real treasure in your home.  We not only favor the pleasant smell of wood burning, but the gentle warmth the fireplace brings to the house is just incredible.  If you don’t have a fireplace, try candles, it is just as beautiful. Find a tray and candles of your choice and use it as the center piece of the table or any place you desire!  You can add fall branches, dried leaves or pearls for extra holiday flair.









Fall fragrance

Smell often brings back nostalgic and fond memories.  Here are a few recommendations to consider.  Cedarwood Rosemary Vanilla blend is always our go to pick; it has a bright herbalness that makes it just right for Fall and sets a relaxed and welcoming mood.  Another one is a scent with a hint of tobacco, vanilla and balsam which has an amazing warm and cozy smell that easily transit from Summer to Fall!








There you have it!  From pillows, blankets, rugs, and candle light to Fall fragrances, you can effortlessly update your space and enjoy the beautiful array of colors the nature has to offer this season.  For more images and tips, please check out our Pinterest!

**All images used in this post were aquired through Pintrest.

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