Holiday Entertaining Guide

Holiday Entertaining Guide

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go!

Are you hosting this year’s holiday party and looking for a simple guideline of “Do’s” and “Don’ts?”

If so, this post may help you better plan for the upcoming party as we share some of the essential components of the entertaining guideline including a full course menu, table décor tips and our favorite video clips to show how ASKO Dishwashers can clean the dirtiest and greasiest dishes like casserole and baking sheets!




Plan ahead <guest list, menu, table setting and décor theme/ideas> Stress or worry!
Create children’s menu Forget to complete a proper table setting
Be brave, cook something new! Use disposable tableware
Use your finest china; bring out your fancy champagne glasses. (Because ASKO can handle even the delicate dishes.) D5434XXLS to Fully Integrated D5894XXLFI Forget to stock up on the essentials (tissues, paper towels, and bathroom supplies) and ICE for drinks!
Expect to have messy guests who will spill and drop on your extravagant table cloth. (ASKO Washer can wash even the most gentle cloth.)W6424 & W6884ECO Forget to create a festive playlist
Thank you notes to follow after the party! Forget about the floor mat by the door entrance to avoid dirty snow foot imprints on your floor!


Before we start with the exciting menu, here is a quick tip on table setting:

Pick a color scheme that complements your theme the best.  We favor red and silver and thought this was a festive setting from Craft Thyme.
















Alright, now we are going to share some of our favorite holiday menus that are well loved by many at most parties.  Oh yes, and if its a family gathering, be sure to have a designated menu for the little ones!


Let’s start with the first course.

Appetizers & Small Bites:

Simple finger food is what we prefer and how about these mouthwatering Firecracker Shrimp with Sweet Chili sauce, Greek 7 layer Dip and Ashi Tuna Toastadas to Marinated Feta with Olives and Roasted Red Pepper?  (Click on the picture below for more recipes.)









Cocktails & Sips:

We adore White Christmas Sangria made of cranberry and rosemary.  Sangrias are usually very easy to make and quite tasty!  We would also suggest Christmas Cranberry Juleps and Bloody Marry!








For nonalcoholic beverage consider eggnog, because you know it’s not a Christmas party without it! We found this incredible recipe for an eggnog smoothie with vanilla whip.  Sounds delish doesn’t it? (Click on the image below for recipe.)

Festive Main Course:

How about Macadamia & Parsley Crusted Lamb Rack, Roasted Fall Vegetables in Cheddar Crust, Quinoa Stuffed Squash or Hot Buttered Rum and Pecan Encrusted Ham? Also click on the pictures below for recipes.



This is probably our favorite part of the meal, and we found “10 Christmas Desserts That Look Almost Too Good To Eat” by Cosmopolitan. We are talking about Almond Cheesecake to Orange Custard Tart!  How exciting is this?








Kids menu:
You can easily serve kids the main entrée, but it wouldn’t hurt to prepare some pasta.  From our personal experience, most kids seem to like pasta especially with cheese!  Also these little fun Reindeer Cupcakes or Chocolate Candy Cane Pretzel Kisses will make an amazing dessert. Take a look at some of the simple and quick menus for the little ones.








Now, that you have successfully hosted a marvelous party, it’s time to thank your guests for coming, and what’s the best way to show your gratitude other than with a thank you card, and perhaps a small gift?  Here are some ideas on DIY cards and gift wrapping.









Most of us worry about the aftermath of the party, mostly about, how we are going to clean up all the dishes, tall champagne glasses, baking trays and larger cookware that may not fit in the average dishwasher.  You don’t have to worry about any of the above with ASKO Dishwashers.  An ASKO allows you to wash larger loads and easily fit 17 (XXL) or 16 (XL) place settings compared to a standard dishwasher with (14 place settings).  ASKO XXL model dishwashers fit larger plates (up to 15 ¼ inches), taller glasses (up to 9 inches) as well as larger pots and pans together with taller cookware.

Another magical feature of ASKO Dishwasher is the spray system with up to 10 highly effective spray zones that reach every corner of the tank.  This includes up to three power zones for heavily soiled dishes like pots, pans or casserole dish that is difficult to get clean.

View this short video showing a real life holiday cleaning situation involving and ASKO dishwasher!

Another awesome factor would be the quietness of our dishwasher.  The last thing on your mind is to run a loud machine while you have guests at the house.  For instance, ASKO has several models which operate at 48 dB(A) and how quiet is that?  Well, a buzzing bumble bee is approximately 50-60 dB(A) and a normal conversation is about 60 dB(A) so you get the idea.

Some of the Dishwasher models to consider:

The Classic front control model D5434XXL comes in TouchProof™ Stainless steel, white and black with LED displaying time remaining in program.

Our Fully Integrated if you want to promote “less conspicuous” and “disappear” look for your kitchen. D5894XXLFI, D5554XXLFI and D5534XXLFI



To wash your finest table cloth or anything gentle in our laundry products:
ASKO Classic model W6424 and Logic W6884ECO.  We suggest setting the option as “Wool/ Hand wash” or “Sani” and adjust the temperature as well as the spin level.


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