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Loading a Dishwasher – Making the Most of Your Appliance

Loading a dishwasher does not seem tricky, but if you have ever shared a kitchen, you know that everyone has an opinion about how this task should be done.  So, is there a correct way? The best way to load … Continue reading

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Laundry Room Decor Ideas

Even people who fastidiously decorate every inch of their living space sometimes run dry when it comes to laundry room décor ideas. Many people even hide their laundry rooms, but this space does not have to be an eye sore. … Continue reading

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How to Save on Heating Bills This Winter

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, you would be prudent to learn how to save on heating bills this winter. Despite a warmer winter, the EIA predicts a rise in energy costs, particularly for those households that use heating … Continue reading

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Interior Design Trends for 2012

As the new year unfolds, many people are wondering about interior design trends for 2012. The year is shaping up to be a happy one, with a focus on light and fun. According to many designers, bold colors and eclectic … Continue reading

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Buying Appliances: How to Choose the Right Appliance

Once you are at the store ready to make your purchase, how do you choose the right appliance for you and your situation? Here are some hints about washing machines: Your washing machine: top loader or front loader? Front loaders … Continue reading

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Eco / Green Dishwasher Takes Even Less Time To Wash Dishes

Everybody wants an eco / green dishwasher. But with slow cycles and dishes that are still wet even after the cycle is complete, we still end up wasting precious time doing the dishes. That’s why choosing an ASKO appliances dishwasher … Continue reading

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Stain Removal Guide – Cold Water Fill

Stains can be a major annoyance, and when doing laundry it is helpful to have a stain removal  guide. Because there are many types of stains, and many different fabrics, it can be tricky to keep it all straight and … Continue reading

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Free Dishwasher Giveaway from ASKO USA – Voting is LIVE!

Here at ASKO USA, we are happy and proud to announce that voting is now open for our Free Dishwasher Giveaway promotion! Pay it forward this Holiday Season by voting for the person or family that you feel most deserves … Continue reading

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Stainless Steel Dishwashers: What is TouchProof Stainless?

When it comes to enduring trends in home design, nothing surpasses the appeal of stainless steel dishwashers. The modern, yet timeless look of stainless steel appliances transforms any kitchen into a sophisticated space. Unfortunately, many homeowners have found that the … Continue reading

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Front Load Washer Size – Why Family-Sized is Plenty

  Front Load Washer Size is a hot topic for those looking to upgrade their family’s laundry solutions. Don’t let the exterior size of ASKO’s flexible family-size washers fool you. ASKO front load washers may seem small from the outside, … Continue reading

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