Loading a Dishwasher – Making the Most of Your Appliance

Loading a Dishwasher

Loading a Dishwasher

Loading a dishwasher does not seem tricky, but if you have ever shared a kitchen, you know that everyone has an opinion about how this task should be done.  So, is there a correct way? The best way to load a dishwasher is the way that optimizes its cleaning power and uses energy wisely. Here are some tips:

  • Scrape before you load. With ASKO, no pre-rinsing is required, however ASKO dishwashers and detergents work best when there is actually something to remove.
  • Load plates into the bottom rack. Plates should fit between the slots, facing the center. If they lean, lean them in and downward. Be sure they are separated, so that all surfaces are reached by the stream of water.
  • Also use the bottom rack for platters, cookie sheets, pots, and pans. Platters and cookie sheets should go along the sides, with pots and pans facing downward, with their open sides toward the sprayer arm.
  • The top rack is for glasses, cups, bowls and plastic. Be careful to position glassware on the prongs, so they do not move around and break.
  • The cutlery basket is often a topic of debate. Here is the definitive answer: put the cutlery handle side down, except for knives, which pose a hazard if the blades point upward. Space the cutlery loosely, and be sure the spoons and forks are not “nesting” close together, where water cannot reach all the surfaces. Long pieces of cutlery should lay down, either in the upper basket or in a flat cutlery basket, designed for that purpose
  • If your dishes are not coming clean, look to your detergent. We Recommend powder detergents. You may also need to change the amount of detergent you are using.

Of course, even more important than loading the dishwasher is choosing the dishwasher in the first place. Choose a machine that offers a variety of cycles, and a flexible rack system that allows you to change things up to suit your needs. ASKO has been making fine European appliances since 1950, and their dishwashers are not only innovative, but also energy efficient. Visit the website to learn more, or join the conversation online at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn.

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Laundry Room Decor Ideas

Laundry Room Decor Ideas

Photo courtesy of Distinctive Remodeling Solutions.

Even people who fastidiously decorate every inch of their living space sometimes run dry when it comes to laundry room décor ideas. Many people even hide their laundry rooms, but this space does not have to be an eye sore. In fact, there are plenty of innovative ways to make it both functional and decorative. Our laundry room décor ideas will have you showing off your laundry room when you walk people around your home!

• Think clean. The best-looking laundry rooms have clean lines and simple color palettes, along with easy-to-clean surfaces. Ample storage space should keep surfaces clear. The cleaner the laundry room feels, the easier it is to do laundry!

• Make it easy on yourself. Counter space in the laundry room makes spot treating and folding laundry easier. Using fully integrated washers and dryers help create an open folding space! You can elevate them too so your folding space is at the perfect height. If a counter is not available, a melamine table can make a handy substitute, because it is resistant to water and stains.

• Create attractive storage solutions. Keep detergent and cleaning aids stashed in a cabinet above the washer, for easy access, and post a stain-fighting guide on the inside of the door. Re-purpose glass jars to store detergent—it will look far better than plastic jugs and cardboard boxes. Hang a basket for items found in pockets, and surface-mount an ironing board in a cabinet rather than keeping one freestanding.

• Functionality is the most important factor. Consider a drop-down drying rack for delicate clothing. Use hang-dry closets with a dehumidifier for those items that cannot be tumbled dry. Install shelves and cabinets when possible. Even a small space can be fully utilized with a little bit of thoughtful creativity.

• Get creative. Use paint, curtains, and stencils to make the laundry room space your own. Switch the direction your dryer (or front-loading washer) opens if the current direction will not work in the space. Browse through laundry room photos for ideas, and then look to your own style for inspiration. You spend a great deal of time doing laundry, so make it a space that pleases you.

Photo above is courtesy of Distinctive Remodeling Solutions. Visit Distinctive Remodeling Solutions online and Like them on Facebook!

When you are coming up with laundry room décor ideas, do not settle for ordinary appliances, ASKO Appliance has been making high-quality European appliances since 1950, and they know how to execute flawless style with phenomenal functionality. If you are looking for inspiration for your kitchen design, check out these celebrity kitchens you’ll love and want to imitate! Visit the website to see ASKO’s sleek and fashionable washers and dryers, or plug into the online community on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or >LinkedIn.

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How to Save on Heating Bills This Winter

How to Save on Heating Bills This WinterAccording to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, you would be prudent to learn how to save on heating bills this winter. Despite a warmer winter, the EIA predicts a rise in energy costs, particularly for those households that use heating oil or propane. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to cut your costs.

  • The most obvious way to cut energy costs is to lower the thermostat setting. For every degree a thermostat is lowered over an eight hour period, the heating bill will drop 1 percent. It makes sense, then, to turn the thermostat down when you sleep or leave the house. Installing a programmable thermostat is a good idea, so that you do not risk forgetting.
  • A clean furnace runs more efficiently. Though it is most certainly not the least expensive way, checking and cleaning your furnace is one of the most effective ways to reduce heating costs. Change the air filter, and for about twenty dollars, you can improve the airflow from the furnace and extend its life expectancy.
  • Insulate! Adding insulation to the attic and crawl space can lower heating costs, and insulating the water heater can help it retain heat and reduce your energy bill by about twenty dollars each year.
  • Use your appliances in an energy efficient way. Choose energy efficient appliances, and then be smart about how you use them. Run the dishwasher and washing machine only when you have full loads, and you will be able to run them less frequently and save money.
  • Be smart about light. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs, which use half the energy of a traditional bulb, but last longer. Turn off lights during the day, and use the sun’s natural light and warmth.
  • Use ceiling fans. Fans are not just for summer. Set in reverse, a ceiling fan will draw warm air through the house, improving the efficiency of the heating system.
  • Dodge the drafts. Seal cracks and leaks, and weather-strip around windows and doors, to prevent the loss of warm air and lower heating costs.
  • Use only what you need. Turn off anything you are not using, whether lights, appliances, televisions, or computers. Also consider heating only the space you are using. Use space heaters, and close vents in unoccupied rooms.

While you are learning how to save on heating bills this winter, check out the energy-efficient appliances from ASKO. A maker of fine European appliances for more than half a century, ASKO creates products that are not only eco-friendly and energy efficient, but also sleek and stylish. Visit the website to learn more, or join the online community on Facebook, Twitter, YouTubeLinkedIn and Pinterest.

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Interior Design Trends for 2012

Interior Design Trends for 2012As the new year unfolds, many people are wondering about interior design trends for 2012. The year is shaping up to be a happy one, with a focus on light and fun. According to many designers, bold colors and eclectic designs will dominate the scene.

  • Bright is the watchword. Bold upholstery, with bright colors and interesting prints, are freshening up rooms everywhere. Designers are also advising clients to add more lighting to rooms, to increase the light and make an impact. Light fixtures that are large and unique are a great way to brighten a room, especially if they combine things like iron and glass, or colored crystal and organic shapes, to add interest.
  • Texture is key. Dimensional wallpaper, sleek tiles, and fresh flowers can bring a new look to a room. Have fun with your decorating, and do not be afraid to play with textures to add a new feel to the room.
  • Mixing styles is a great idea. Eclectic decorating is replacing minimalism, and people  love it, because it means they can reuse beloved pieces while mixing in some modern ones as well.
  • There is a movement toward uniting past, present, and future. Eclectic decorating is not the only way to preserve the past while looking toward the future. Look for interesting trends in design this year that incorporate indigenous influences like native geometrics and repurposed items with more modern ideas—like blueprints and maps as art, or mirrors and mirrored images.
  • Colors are leaning toward earth tones, jeweled tones, and other rich colors. Natural pigments are popular. Golds, yellows and browns are becoming warmer; dark reds are prevalent; and turquoise, teal, and indigo are all making an appearance.

In short, the biggest interior design trends of 2012 seem to blend the old and the new, infusing modernism with a yearning for a simpler time. Eco-consciousness is a given; natural colors are popular. Look for furniture with a natural, rustic, or antique feel, paired with a modern touch to give them a unique flair.

If you are looking to redecorate, do not overlook your appliances. ASKO has been the manufacturer of fine European appliances since 1950, and the company’s designs combine form with function, flawlessly. Visit the ASKO website to learn how we combine eco-friendliness with top-notch design elements, or plug into the online community on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn.  Subscribe to the ASKO Appliances Blog so you will never miss a post!

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Buying Appliances: How to Choose the Right Appliance

Where to Buy Appliances

Where to Buy Appliances

Once you are at the store ready to make your purchase, how do you choose the right appliance for you and your situation?

Here are some hints about washing machines:

  • Your washing machine: top loader or front loader? Front loaders typically use about 65 percent less energy and one-third the water of a top loader, because their basins do not fill entirely. In addition, front loaders have no agitator, which means they are gentler on your clothing. Agitators do exactly that- they agitate the clothing so that it is beaten and knocked around. This creates much more wear  and tearthan the tumbling action of the ASKO ActiveDrum™, which protects even delicate clothing. It is made of smooth stainless steel that won’t chip or peel like porcelain or plastic, which can snag and damage your clothing. A front loader is easier to situate in your home, too, because it can be stacked to save apace.
  • Use water intelligently. People do not always look for a washer that only heats the water it uses, but this feature saves a great deal of energy. Another thing to check is how much water is used per cycle. The amount can range from 14 to 40 gallons, which is a significant difference.
  • Look for a fast spin cycle. Faster spin cycles expel more water, saving on dryer time. This not only saves energy, but also reduces the wear on your clothing.
  • Look at the stain programs and temperature options. Certain stains on specific fabrics require special stain programs. ASKO has the exclusive 85⁰-205⁰ guaranteed temperatures to ensure the best stain removal results.

And dryers…

  • Choose a dryer that is easy to use. Some dryers are complex, and can frustrate the average user. ASKO dryers offer state of the art technology, along with controls that are intuitive and easy to understand. They are elegantly designed  as well as functional.
  • Efficient drying is important. ASKO’s patented Butterfly Dry™ provides continuous figure eight tumbling that ensures your clothing is evenly dried, and it saves wear and tear on fabrics.
  • A solid warranty gives you peace of mind. ASKO offers the strongest warranty in the industry, and it lasts three times longer than the warranties of other companies.

Now, on to the dishwasher!

  • Decide how many place settings your machine should use. Do you have a large family? Do you wash a lot of large pots or baking items? With a four-rack and seven-basket configuration, ASKO XXL dishwashers offer extreme loading capacity. In fact, the larger dishwashers can wash up to seventeen place settings in one load, and is still energy efficient.
  • Spring for the forced air. Forced air cycles involve a fan circulating the air through the machine, which keeps glasses and plastic dishes from collecting water. ASKO’s exclusive Turbo Drying Express™ makes a normal washing program about 30 minutes shorter!
  • Look for extras that fit your lifestyle. ASKO features fully integrated designs, with custom panels to fit with any décor and match your kitchen perfectly.

If you are looking for a dishwasher, washing machine, or dryer, be sure to check out ASKO appliance. A leading manufacturer of fine European appliances, ASKO features products that are innovative, efficient, and environmentally sound. Visit their website to get more information, or to learn where to buy appliances. To be a part of the online community, follow ASKO on Twitter, like ASKO on Facebook, subscribe to the ASKO YouTube Channel,   and follow ASKO on LinkedIn and

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Eco / Green Dishwasher Takes Even Less Time To Wash Dishes

Everybody wants an eco / green dishwasher. But with slow cycles and dishes that are still wet even after the cycle is complete, we still end up wasting precious time doing the dishes.

That’s why choosing an ASKO appliances dishwasher will help you reclaim time lost doing dishes, so you can spend it on more important things.

Watch this video and visit the ASKO Website for details.

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Eco / Green Dishwasher from ASKO Appliance

Eco / Green Dishwasher from ASKO Appliance

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Stain Removal Guide – Cold Water Fill

Stain Removal Guide

Stain Removal Guide

Stains can be a major annoyance, and when doing laundry it is helpful to have a stain removal  guide. Because there are many types of stains, and many different fabrics, it can be tricky to keep it all straight and get your laundry clean. Take heart! ASKO has you covered with cleaning suggestions for some common stains.

In general, be sure to read the manufacturer’s labels when washing any garment. Treat stains as soon as they happen, without giving them time to “set” in your clothing or fabric item. Read the manual that came with your washing machine as well, to ensure you have a clear understanding of how the appliance works. When using any sort of stain treatment, always remember to test a small, concealed area of the garment first, to make sure it can handle the treatment. For specific advice on common stains, read on!

  • Protein Stains: These are stains from substances including blood, baby food and formula, and they can be hard to remove. Presoaking in a solution of cold water and salt can be effective, but never wash in warm water. Warm or hot water will literally cook the stain into the fabric.
  • Dye Stains: These stains come from items such as red food, red wine, grass and felt tip pens, and they require a fair amount of pre-treatment. First, pour warm glycerin over the stain and then rinse it with water. Then, pour 10% acetic acid over the stain and rinse again. This should remove most of the stain. For a white garment, if some of the stain remains, you can bleach with 3% hydrogen peroxide. After you have treated the stain, machine-wash as normal.
  • Tannin stains: Caused by coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer and fruit drinks, these require hot water for removal. First, pour boiling water over the stain, then wash in a solution of laundry detergent. After rinsing thoroughly with water, check to see if the stain is gone. If not, and it is a white garment, use 3% hydrogen peroxide to bleach the stain out. Again, after spot treating, machine-wash as usual, on the highest possible temperature.
  • Oily stains: Hand lotion, cooking oil, butter, motor oil, and even chocolate, are considered oily stains.  They are sometimes difficult to remove, and require pre-treatment. First, scrape off as much of the stain as possible. Rub in soap or laundry detergent, to pre-treat. Then wash the item in the highest temperature the washing instructions will allow, before washing it a second time, in its normal cycle. A note on chocolate: this stain actually combines oil with dye, so if the oily stain process fails, you might want to try the process for dye stains.

These are a few types of common stains, but the ASKO website has a Stain Interactive Guide featuring instructions for forty specific stains, on four kinds of fabric. We also have blogs on cleaning costumes, washing whites, and keeping towels soft.

ASKO laundry machines are designed to get your laundry clean with less detergent, less water, and no bleach. With a lifting-and-dropping action that tumbles clothing over 800 times, while keeping them from rubbing together, ASKO machines clean clothes without causing excessive wear. In addition, ASKO’s cold-water fill never sets in stains. With the option of heating the water to 205ºF, whites never need bleach, either, because they will come out clean and sanitized. In fact, because ASKO guarantees 85ºF to 205ºF temperatures, it is easy to find the precise temperature for whatever stain you are treating.

ASKO’s washing machines clean effectively while saving you money and protecting the environment. To join our online community, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.  Be sure to subscribe to the ASKO USA Blog to never miss a post!

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Free Dishwasher Giveaway from ASKO USA – Voting is LIVE!

Here at ASKO USA, we are happy and proud to announce that voting is now open for our Free Dishwasher Giveaway promotion! Pay it forward this Holiday Season by voting for the person or family that you feel most deserves to win a FREE Dishwasher from ASKO USA!

Visit our Facebook Page to VOTE for ASKO’s Free Dishwasher Giveaway!

ASKO Free Dishwasher Giveaway

ASKO Free Dishwasher Giveaway

You can vote once per day per Facebook profile now through Noon on December 23rd.  The winner will be announced on December 23rd. Be sure to “Share” the link to this blog – or directly to the voting tab – on your social networks, and also email it out to your friends, family and colleagues, so that the nominee YOU want to win can have a better chance.

It’s all up to YOU now!

Good luck to all of the deserving nominees!

Visit the ASKO Website for more information about the prize:
A D5894 Extra Tall Tub XXL Fully Integrated Design Dishwasher

The Fine Print:

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. You are providing your information to ASKO USA and not to Facebook. The information you provide will only be used for the purposes of this promotion and/or to contact winners and those who nominate them for the purpose of fulfilling the promotion.

Nomination Period: Until December 11.
Voting Period: December 12-December 23 at Noon CST.
Winner will be announced December 23rd.

All nominees must be homeowners who have the ability to install a new dishwasher in their home. Employees of ASKO are not eligible to win.

ASKO USA reserves the right to change the rules and conditions of this promotion without notice, including, but not limited to, extending or changing the nomination and voting time periods.

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Stainless Steel Dishwashers: What is TouchProof Stainless?

Stainless Steel Dishwashers - Touchproof Satinless

Stainless Steel Dishwashers - Touchproof Stainless

When it comes to enduring trends in home design, nothing surpasses the appeal of stainless steel dishwashers. The modern, yet timeless look of stainless steel appliances transforms any kitchen into a sophisticated space. Unfortunately, many homeowners have found that the sleek surface is difficult to keep clean. It is no surprise that ASKO, manufacturer of top of the line Swedish appliances, has a solution.

For any homeowner frustrated with constantly wiping down their stainless steel appliances in order to remove fingerprints and smudges, ASKO has created TouchProof™ stainless. No surface can look sleek with fingerprints or smudges all over it, so TouchProof™ stainless steel has a thin clear coating that repels smudges from its surfaces. It does not in any way change the look of the steel itself, so it fits in perfectly with any existing stainless appliances.

Even better news for busy homeowners is that it does not require any special cleaning solutions. In fact they are not recommended, as the chemicals not only add toxicity to your home, but can damage the clear coating. All that needs to be used is a warm, wet cotton cloth (no paper towels). Other companies have come out with smudge-resistant material that looks like stainless, but ASKO’s patented TouchProof™ is unique in that it retains the same qualities of standard stainless. Every model in ASKO’s stainless line is now manufactured with TouchProof™.

Anyone looking to purchase a top-quality, energy efficient dishwasher or laundry product that is both beautiful and functional should check out ASKO’s Website. Committed to designing appliances that combine form and function, with an eye to saving water and energy, ASKO provides unsurpassed quality and style. With over 60 years of experience, they are sure to have a model that suits your needs as well as your vision! Be sure to visit our blog often for the latest on home design and décor trends, and quality Swedish Appliances.

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Front Load Washer Size – Why Family-Sized is Plenty


Front Load Washer Size is a hot topic for those looking to upgrade their family’s laundry solutions. Don’t let the exterior size of ASKO’s flexible family-size washers fool you. ASKO front load washers may seem small from the outside, but they are big on capacity, energy efficiency, cleaning, and ultimate fabric care.

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